Friday Bonanza Lotto results: NLA Results

Friday Bonanza Lotto results for Today, The Lotto results today as released by the National Lottery Authority NLA. brings you the Friday Bonanza NLA Lotto result for today as soon as they are released by the NLA. NLA lotto results are released everyday by 7pm

Below are the Ghana Lotto Results for Today Winning Numbers and Machine Numbers for Friday Bonanza Lotto Results as released by the National Lottery Authority NLA.

Friday Bonanza Lotto results for Friday 21 June 2019

Winning Numbers:  52 – 86 – 74 – 18 – 1
Machine Numbers:  6 – 28 – 41 – 69 – 14

Friday Bonanza Lotto results for Friday 14 June 2019

Winning Numbers:  75 – 71 – 12 – 11 – 90
Machine Numbers: 56 – 19 – 53 – 39 – 1

According to the National Lottery Authority (NLA), Friday Bonanza was introduced to set a winning player smiling into the weekend. This product gives you a lot of hope and happiness for the weekend and prepares the player for the Flag-ship Draw on Saturday. Friday is the day of draw and was launched on 20th April, 2007.

When do lottery ticket sales close?

If you are buying your tickets from a Lottery outlet, it closes at 6pm on the day of a draw.

What does a Lotto ticket cost?

NLA games can be played with any amount. Games are for 18years+ and you are encouraged to Play responsibly!

Beware of scams. The National Lottery Authority warns the general public that its products are dispensed on POS Terminals allocated to its accredited or licensed Lotto Marketing Companies and the address of its official website is